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Book an Appointment

Book an appointment and bring pre-emailed and filled consent and medical history forms.

Microblading Treatment

Take two hours out of your day to enhance your natural brow shape with me! I will choose a color that matches your natural hair color pre-appointment so we can get started right away. I’ll map a shape for you and then the treatment will begin.


I will verbally explain aftercare and give you supplies to best maintain your beautiful results, as well as email you pdf versions of aftercare instructions to refer back to.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if microblading is right for me?

Microblading works best (pigment fades least) on those with normal to dry skin. If you’re not sure, we can discuss more during the free consultation where we’ll cover your brow goals in addition to your skin type.

What is the pain level?

Most clients describe the pain at 2 to 3 out of 10. After having mine done, I can say the feeling is more uncomfortable than painful and I also use topical anesthetic gel.

What does the healing process entail?

Brows will appear heavily pigmented for about a week. After this time, some pigment will flake off while the skin heals itself, leaving behind a more subtle brow look. About two weeks post-treatment, your brows may be softer than you want them to be. This is completely normal so most clients return for a $50 touch up after they’ve completely healed. This final session will get your brows perfected and have them last for years!

What should I avoid pre-treatment?

For an optimal treatment session, I recommend my clients to refrain from:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption one day prior to the appointment.

  • Excessive caffeine intake on the day of the appointment. 

  • Medication (we can discuss during consultation).

  • Retinol, salicilic, or glycolic acid products, anti-aging products, acne creams, brow or lash growth serums.

All of this is aimed at avoiding excessive bleeding during the treatment, which may hurt more and the pigment could fade faster or migrate under the skin.

What should I avoid post-treatment?

For the best and longest lasting results, I recommend my clients to refrain from:

  • Strong chemical skincares like products with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinol, etc.

  • Tanning.

  • Swimming, saunas, hot tubs.

  • Intense exercise.

  • Brow makeup.

  • Picking at the scabbing flakes.

  • Direct sun exposure.

All of this is aimed at allowing the skin to heal properly by keeping the area dry and clean.

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