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Why Microblading? What is it?

I have always enjoyed purveying art, creating art, and watching people create art. Something about the process is so therapeutic and it indulges my attention to detail in a way that STEM or business-related classes never have, hence my inclination towards social sciences and the arts. After having my eyebrows done with my mom, we decided that this would be a good business opportunity for me, as I thoroughly enjoy the precision of manual tattooing and the reaction I get from clients post-treatment. It makes me happy to see others reflect their inner beauty outwards with just an hour or so of eyebrow work. I say “work” for a lack of a better word because this truly is fun for me; microblading is a creative endeavor that at once aids in my quest for financial independence. I want my clients to be well educated as to what microblading is. And even though google exists, I have a blog now, so I might as well show my clients I, too, am well-versed in microblading knowledge.

Permanent makeup is a term for cosmetic tattooing and is both a science and an art. Microblading is performed by a licensed and certified artist, inserting pigment into the epidermal layer of the skin to create the appearance of feathered hair strokes. The goal of any procedure is to enhance the natural beauty of my clients by customizing my techniques to each person’s personal hair pattern.

Microbladed brows are a semi-permanent makeup, which means they are smudge-free and will last anywhere between 6-18 months (depending on skin type and aftercare). These days everyone leads such busy lifestyles with packed schedules, but wouldn’t it be nice to worry about one less thing during the hustle and bustle? This option is ideal for anyone who wants an effortless, everyday brow, despite being on the go. Microblading not only saves you time getting ready, but allows you the freedom to enjoy activities such as working out, swimming, boating, camping, etc. that would normally wipe the makeup right off.

Permanent eyebrow tattoos are prone to discoloration overtime, which is why many people exhibit blue or green undertones to their old eyebrow tattoos. With semi-permanent make up, the original tattoo color is better retained and brows can be later reshaped according to the client’s wants or the current beauty trends.

I also want to express my gratitude to past and future clients that trust me with their face, as I had wavering faith in the woman I went to who had her business for more than fifteen years. My experience level is reflected in my now competitive prices in this market, however, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the quality of my work. As I grow this business, I know my experience will warrant more enterprising charges but I hope to retain loyal customers. xx

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