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Hi, my name is Raina! Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I have always been conscious of not only my own appearance, but the latest beauty and fashion trends. In recent years, I have developed a passion for aesthetics and microblading specifically. I am the type of person who is always on the go and I love makeup looks and techniques that make my transition from one activity to the next easy.


After having my own brows done successfully, I wanted to help others achieve the effortless look by becoming an artist myself! Through my work, I hope to enhance my client’s natural beauty by highlighting and defining one of their best facial features, their brows.


I received my Microblading and Shading Certification by completing a six month online training before attending live model classes in-person. My certification is from the top microblading academy in the world, Beauty Angels Academy in Bellevue, Washington.

The name, En Pointe Aesthetics, is inspired by my childhood summers in France. I have always admired and been drawn to the “French girl” aesthetic which, to me, translates to a naturally cool and effortless look. However, my Chinese heritage has inspired me to learn personalized techniques that are appropriate for all ethnic brow styles. At En Pointe Aesthetics, my goal is to create an individualized look that leaves my clients feeling beautiful, happy, and confident.


"I would recommend Raina to anyone! It was my first time getting microblading done and I was nervous but Raina explained everything as she went which made it a much smoother experience. I had no natural brow shape before but my new brows look so natural and complement the rest of my features, they totally changed my look and confidence!"


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